Engineering LED essay contest awards ceremony held in Shenzhen

Sponsored by the Engineering Engineering LED LED engineers General Assembly on 17-18 December 2010 in Shenzhen Evergreen held a grand, two-day conference organized a total of 6 games LED edge technical reports, 10 field engineers to study the report, 30 games LED technology seminars.

As important an event the General Assembly - Engineering LED essay contest awards ceremony in the evening of the 17th green the world successfully held in Shenzhen. Organizers of this competition is to encourage engineers to play intelligence, innovative ideas, share the design, development, testing and other technology solutions organized by the LED industry experts, business leaders, the majority of engineers responded positively. The engineers essay contest in just 1 month time, they received from the three places more than 50 excellent engineers more than 70 articles submitted by high technology and innovative papers. After initial evaluation of the selected 10 lines with a forward-looking, innovative and professional papers, 17 short-listed the final afternoon of the paper. The field of 12 leading experts on-site assessment of the industry rate, the final race out of 4 of this essay contest awards. Final award (bonus 2 million) by a research engineer Rare Earth New Material Company Mr. Xia Tian received his entry papers are: high color rendering white LED phosphor important application of the system.

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